Police investigate assault of October 6th 2018 at 02.00 in Tampere Central Square

The Police of Tampere are investigating an assault that took place on October the 6th about 02.00 at night in the Tampere centrum, in the area between Central Square taxi stop and Hämeenkatu. The victim is about 60 years old, bald man who was wearing a dark coat, a suit jacket and a red checkered plaid dress shirt with dark trousers.

– The victim suffered severe injuries and he has been admitted in hospital. The Police do not have a suspect yet. The Police are investigating the crime as an aggravated assault, informs Detective Chief Inspector Arto Partanen.

In order to solve the crime The Police ask the possible eye witnesses and people who have been at site with any information of the incident to contact Tampere Police Department.

Tips and contacts to: Telephone 0295445317 or e-mail keskitettytutkinta.sisa-suomi@poliisi.fi.

Source: Police

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