Anarchist demo with Finnish President and PM Sipilä

Image from demo: ”No justice, no Peace” – ”Dare to Fight”; the fist crushes the logos of the Nordic Resistance Movement, The Finnish Police, Suomen Sisu and The Finnish State.

It has been widely reported in the worldwide MSM that the Finnish former President Tarja Halonen, the Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, the Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo and the Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko took part in a demonstration supposedly against extremist violence.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The demonstration was organised and heavily influenced by Finnish far left extremists including people like Mikael Brunila, a notorious anarchist leader, who spoke at the demo []. The fringe Finnish Communist Party leadership was also present alongside with all possible far left extremist groups.

As you can imagine, the far leftists expressed their will in text and in speech to smash the ”racists, fascists and neo-nazis” alongside with the police, the state, and everything that makes the European civilization worth preserving.

It seems that the Finnish ruling class is willing to help the far left extremists just like in Germany to make sure the oppression of the Finnish native people can go on unopposed. There are many who believe that these measures will only further radicalize the suppressed, oppressed and downtrodden Finnish nationalists.

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